Resident’s Report

If you didn’t watch the video, Alina & Felicia have transitioned into their own appartment.

As we reported back in December, Alina’s job search has been rocky but praise the Lord she has been working the same job for two months now.  The real praise report, is that she is sticking it out even though it’s not the best fit for her while she searches for a new one…this is a first.  She has expressed that she misses being around christians all the time and she feels alone, so she comes for dinner every other night when she picks up Tori. Tori is potty-trained and starts Preschool in September but will still come one day a week with us for English and developmental learning that they don’t teach in Romania.

Felicia hopped from ministry to ministry then came to us in October 2014 when her daughter was 8 months old. She left after only 4 months. After trying to make it on her own for a year and a half, she returned to the father of her child. When evidence of child abuse by the father was verified, she called us for help. She returned January 9th and is entering independent living with Alina.  Her daughter has been working with a professional to help with trauma of the abuse and is progressing nicely.

Iby was a resident of our partner ministry, Romania Orphan Ministries, for almost three years.  She has returned to work there part-time.  She has been struggling to walk in victory though as she is still letting the sins that put her in this situation to define her instead of the trust of God’s word. She is striving to remember her first love (Rev 2:4).  Baby Ami is on the move and getting into everything…she is an explorer. It is so fun to see her investigate new things.


Valentina has come to the conclusion that she cannot be a good mom and a student. We offered to babysit so she could go to the library and study but it was still not enough for her. Her decision was to give her daughter, Baby A, to her mom to care for her.  We advised her of our concerns and fears for Baby A. That her choice could have the same emotional consequences for her daughter that she suffered because her mom left her with her grandmother, but she assured us that this is only temporary.  She returned without Baby A, found an apartment, and finished the semester. Sadly, we’ve heard nothing from her all month.  We miss them both.



Sue Volpe was able share about the ministry at 5 new churches on her trip to the US. It was wonderful to see their heart for what we are doing.

After 5 months of being on their own our girls in independent living are financially independent as well.

We have expanded the ministry to include an appartment across the hall for education and discipleship purposes (see video for the whole scoop).


Please pray for all our moms as they come to terms with the emotional damage of growing up in the orphanages here… abandonment issues, fear of rejection and failure, and victim mentality. These issues really affect the way they see the world and ultimately their parenting.

Pray that Alina finds a job more suited for her.  Pray that she is willing to move to the next step in her discipleship as we are moving onto some deep issues.

Iby is willing to go to counseling for some of the things she been struggling to overcome.  Please pray that we find the right christian counselor for her.

Pray that Felicia accepts Jesus as her Lord and Savior. Pray for her daughter as she continues working though the trauma and is getting ready for preschool soon.

I don’t know what God’s will is for Valentina and baby A, so all I ask is that you pray God’s will for them and the protection of baby A.

For the new mom-to-be that will potentially be coming to our home.

And us as a staff as we work with these women through their issues, that we would have wisdom in how to teach and disciple them so they do not repeat the cycle of emotional abuse they’ve been subjected to in the orphanage.

Resident’s Report & Prayer Requests


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