Never forsaken; God’s foreknowledge.

“When God promises, He’s not saying, I’ll try. He means, I can and I will.” – James MacDonald

Hebrews 13:5 – “Nor forsake you” James defines as: “He will always be working on our behalf.”

Spring in Oradea
That Spring day. Alys, Eunice, Sue & Alexandra

On a Sunday, in late spring, just as it was beginning to get warm, several of us decided to go for a walk after church. In this group was a young lady, Alys, who was in our city to complete a training course for her job. It was a “God-incidence” that she became connected with our fellowship. In the short time with us she committed to go Africa with the team, and she did. As we walked, she shared her heart for ministry and her interest in what I do specifically. I was so encouraged by her faith and zeal for the Lord. I flippantly said, “Well, you can always come and serve with us after your summer mission trip.”  Knowing her heart for missions, I thought little of it, assuming that interest was just that: an interest not a calling. Boy was I wrong…God was working. God was working on my behalf way before I knew I needed the help. 

Alys using her nursing skills in Rwanda
Alys serving in a clinic in Rwanda this past summer.

I decided to keep little contact with Alys, to stay out of God’s way. If you know me, I sometimes get ahead of God. While Alys was in Africa, so was my co-laborer, Miha. God was moving for change in the ministry of Soar Romania. At the same time that God was confirming in Alys’ heart to come serve with us, God was moving in Miha’s heart to return to the States.  Once again, God’s incomprehensible foreknowledge and His faithfulness at work not only on my behalf, but also for the moms in our ministry.   

However, when Miha told me the news that she was leaving, I was unaware of what God was doing in Alys. Sadly, the news shook me off my firm foundation. I cried out to God about how afraid I was to do this ministry by myself, how unequipped I felt to meet all the needs of the moms, especially the spiritual needs with my limited Romania. I also began questioned God’s sovereign plan for the moms in our ministry, though I know He loves them way more then I could ever. Yet, God was so gracious with me. Just as He was with Moses in Exodus 4:12, “Now go; I will help you…I will teach you…”

juggling our babies.
Alys is giving it her all.

As summer came to a close and Miha, Alys and I returned from our journeys to other lands, we all attended a wedding at the end of October. Alys had lots of questions about what it would be like if she would take over Miha’s role with us. It was a good meeting, but I couldn’t sense if she was onboard at that point. However, I was confident that the Lord was sending her as an answer to our prayers. Sometime after, I got a call because she got “THE CALL.”  She started work with us on January 4.   

Please pray that our moms will accept and respect Alys, our new co-laborer. She has a lot to offer these girls spiritually and emotionally. Pray that our girls open their hearts to her friendship & counsel. Currently Alys is interning; however, we have agreed in faith to bring her on as staff in April. Please pray for the provision of her salary of $310 per month. Click here to give toward her salary.

2015 Highlights & Finances

Along with all the baby milestones such as: first: crawl, walk, words, birthday and so on (which you can see on Facebook and Instagram), We feel that our moms’ successes are just as praiseworthy. So here it goes…

Sue, Alina & Meg


Alina graduated from college in May. She also completed a European Union Child Care Worker certification course in the fall. She is still living with us and seeking opportunities to volunteer in this field to get some experience on her resume. The best news of all is that she has made a decision for Christ!

Pitching tent
Beca & Abi playing in the new place.


Geta and her girls are happily adjusting to life in their new apartment. Geta is tackling new responsibilities at work with diligence and it came with an increase in salary. Hallelujah! She is a faithful member of her church, which is a great support. Geta’s oldest is taking ballet and her youngest is following big sis around the house trying to mimic her every move.


Mall Kids' Training
Felicia & Sofia



Felicia (who left us back in March) came for a weekend visit just a couple of weeks ago. She has a stable job in a shoe factory. Her daughter is almost 2; she’s a bit shy, but communicating very well for her age. We hope to see more of them.

Christmas Eve
Valentine and Aliya


Our newest resident: Valentina. She came to us in November. She and her 3 month old are settling in well. She has many obstacles to overcome as she is not a Romanian citizen, but she is working hard to balance all the paperwork and preparing to go back to complete her senior year of High School. I hope to share her story in the spring newsletter.


And Finally, Sue’s trip to the US was challenging and a real test of faith, but of course God showed up big time. We raised $9,999 in one-time gifts and have $180 in new monthly commitments. This is 62% of our needs for the year of 2016. This does not set us up to grow into a bigger place, but we are trusting that when the need arises, God will provide.

Soar Romania Statement of Activity for 2015


      Missions – Soar $ 22,980.61
            Monthly Committed Gifts $ 2,740.00
            One-time Gifts $ 13,683.36
            Forever Fund $ 1,500.00
            Residents rent $ 705.29
            Room & Board – Sue Volpe $ 2,000.00
            Donations by Sue Volpe $ 2,351.96
Total Revenue $ 22,980.61
   Cash on Hand in Country $ 1,050.00
      Admin Expenses $ 4,251.73
            US Travel & Expenses $ 2,193.60
            Computer & Office Equipment $ 1,345.14
            Promotions, Postage and Printing $ 712.99
      Babies/Children Support $ 352.96
      Bank Fees & Charges $ 298.41
      Household Needs $ 853.02
            Furnitures, Fixtures & Appliances $ 434.80
            Houseware $ 418.22
      Living Expenses $ 4,245.92
            Food & Household supplies $ 3,622.70
            Local Transportation & Gas $ 333.83
            Other – Car Registations, Insurance & Repairs $ 289.39
      Medical Expenses $ 34.63
      Mom Care $ 443.19
      Operational Expenses (Rent & Utilities) $ 5,639.97
            Rent $ 2,935.37
            Utilities $ 1,986.62
            Advance Rent payment (Jan, Feb, Mar 2016) $ 717.98
      Outreach $ 130.35
      PayPal Fees $ 193.23
Total Expenditures $ 17,493.41
Balance Forward $ 5,487.20

CHRIST in Christmas:

Family Groupie

Christmas evening just after dinner, Alina turned to me and said: “This was the best Christmas I’ve ever had.”  It was a wonderful Christmas. Yes, it was a joy to have Baby Victoria hang ornaments on the tree (then rip them back off again), to dress both babies in fancy Christmas dresses, to have the girls help with all the Christmas cookies that I always over-do, and to visit & bless the family that has moved on from us with presents and treats. However, the true wonderfulness had little to do with the tree, the gifts, the cookies or the food and so much to do with our church family. I believe it was because our moms experienced what true Koinonia looks like for the first time. From the intimacy of the Christmas Eve service, to the investment of the Body to bring the caroling to us; from the evangelical outreach where Alina made a public decision to surrender to God, to the quiet conversations after Christmas dinner where Valentina was able to be real with our Pastor’s wife, Denisa. It was glorious. I have to say that it was my best Christmas in Romania too!

Christmas Dinner with our Pastor’s wife’s family. True Romania Style!!!!
Fellowship with the Carolers.

Mentoring – Changing Hearts Two at a Time

by Meg Murkli

Alina's Granduation
Alina’s Graduation – June 26, 2015

It’s been several months now. We’ve met around a table, at a coffee shop, in my little apartment. And this is how discipleship happens, I’m learning. When we open our lives, the everyday bits of who we are, and invite them to join us, to sit with us, to talk, to let us listen, let us care, let us love them.

That’s really what’s been happening these several months. When Sue challenged me, asking me if I might begin to mentor Alina, I wasn’t sure what it would look like. I wasn’t sure if she’d receive my counsel, be open to my friendship. But, it came slowly, Him revealing to me the how’s of touching her life with wisdom and caring for her heart and her wounds with love and compassion.

I’ve been overwhelmed and equally humbled to witness the moving of God in Alina’s heart. With tears, she’s opened the wounds of her past, shared them with me, asked me how we can know the love of God in the midst of suffering. She’s shared her dreams, the hopes she has for her future + yet has asked how it’s possible with the pains of her past. We have laughed and we have cried and we have walked together. We’ve opened the Word of God and drank in long the truth that sets all men free.

And best of all? I’ve gotten to be a first-hand witness to how deeply God loves her. We listen and we counsel and we open up our own wounds to testify that God really can heal and then we let Him love us all. He’s proved His deep, deep love for Alina during these times and I’m full of praise for Him.

He is at work in her heart. He is changing her heart. He is moving in her life. And I’m so unbelievably full of praise to God for using weak vessels to fulfill His good plans.

Meg & Alina
Meg & Alina

Alina asked me one day, why it is that we do what we do, why it is that we help her, when no one else would?

She confessed that she’d never felt the love of God until now, until being here, sharing life with us. And that’s just what Jesus does.

We say yes to Him and we serve.
In return, He lavishes us all with His love … so that girls like Alina can also say yes to God.
Yes to His redemption. Yes to His love. Yes to His grace. Yes to Him.

No Ones Perfect

by Miha Indries

Apirl 2014 - Our first mom a month after her arrival
May 2014 – Our first mom, a month after her arrival

Recently, during my readings and lounging time in airports and planes I read this quote and it stirred something within me. “When God designed the plan for your life, it wasn’t dependent on you being perfect. Your mistakes are not a surprise to Him.” Just a little over a year ago Soar Romania took in our first pregnant girl and I can still remember the stress, the joy, the pain, the gain, the cries and the laughter. Looking back I see how my struggle was to be perfect. How can I be perfect so that this girl can have a ‘good’ example. Slowly and surely God was teaching me in the midst of my struggle to be perfect. These girls do not need perfect, they do not need someone else showing them their mistakes, they simply need someone to love them, to accept them and to be transparent. A year later I can now say that ‘my plan’ for ‘my life’ is constantly changing because I realized God does not require perfection. He requires availability. This availability, transparency and love is what we aspire to give to the girls that enter the doors of Soar Romania’s apartment.

Actually, as I am writing these lines, I am looking back at pictures of our residents so far, and I am extremely happy that God decided to put us in their lives. Some are happy endings, some are not as happy, but each of them were there for a reason, and definitely their decisions were not a surprise to God. I pray that as we continue the work at Soar Romania, more and more people will come along with us for this extremely amazing journey. Remember, God does not expect perfection. He wants your availability, your transparency and most definitely your loving support for the least of these. Take a moment, look within yourself and be true to yourself. What is God telling you about your life story? Does it involve trusting Him completely and letting Him rule your ‘perfect life’? I know this will probably sound extreme, however I will still put it out there. Are you on the edge? Are you going back and forth about being a part of Soar Romania or a ministry like this one? Do you have questions? I challenge you to take a time of prayer, and seek God’s face. Maybe His answer will be something extreme, like pack up your life… move to Romania… and serve Him there for a season of your life… that is what He told me when I was questioning life… Or maybe His answer will be easier… reach in your wallet and give to those that are sacrificing so much for the love of God…. Those that are transparent… those that have accepted that mistakes are not surprising to God… those that have given their availability fully to God.

Dollars for Diapers – Your pocket change and loose dollar bills can change lives.

Dollars 4 Diapers

We are reaching the end of this campaign…we are 57% to our goal of $4800 by Easter Sunday (that’s 5 days way).  Any gift will keep Soar Romania operating in our current location through September.  When you give you are helping us in our effort in Romania to prevent young girls from choosing abortion due to their fear of homelessness. You can help provide a home where they can carry their baby to full term and work through alternatives to abandonment while being loved and cared for in a Christian environment. You donation goes specifically to  provide the basic necessities for the moms, medical expenses for mom and baby, diapers, formula, cereal, clothes, and much more. God has given us a vision, ministry and lives to care for, but we need YOU to help us keep this ministry going!

To make a one-time gift of any amount now, by click the donate button

Special thanks to all of you who are filling a baby bottle with a dollar a day.  After cashing in your dollars and change, please send a check or money order to Calvary Cross, Inc. and mail it to 5709 NW 48th Court, Coral Springs, FL 33067.  Please write “Romania” in the memo line of the check.


From Sadness to Success

by Alina K

img_6088 copy2Finding out I was pregnant and going to be a mother was very scary. I never thought I would be completely alone when this would happen.  It was very difficult for me because nobody was helping me, not even my friends.  I had come to be a sad and depressed person.

My situation got worse when I became very ill. I went to the hospital and they told me I had issues with my kidney.  I was 4 months pregnant and the doctors did my first ultrasound.  They told me that I had zero amniotic fluid, that my baby would not survive and I threatened me with abortion.  I was hospitalized in hopes that my situation would improve and it did.

When I left the hospital, I was faced with so much uncertainty as I had no money and no place to stay.  For the next month, I snuck in and out of my college dorm until God used the most unlikely person to change my situation for the good.  Through her help, I meet Sue & Miha.  They took me into their home. They did everything they could to get me in good health for my baby’s sake.  Miha immediately started preparing me for my baby’s arrival.

IMG_9379Now my baby girl is 4 months old and they take care of both of us. They help me and the other girls with activities to prepare us for life on our own. They are always available with advice and Godly counsel to help us become stable.

A year ago the agony, sadness, and depression was so overwhelming, I was not happy at the idea of being a mom at that time. But now, there is joy in my life and I smile often. God made sure I didn’t have to be alone.  My life has meaning…I’m a mom.



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