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No Ones Perfect – Soar Romania

by Miha Indries

Apirl 2014 - Our first mom a month after her arrival
May 2014 – Our first mom, a month after her arrival

Recently, during my readings and lounging time in airports and planes I read this quote and it stirred something within me. “When God designed the plan for your life, it wasn’t dependent on you being perfect. Your mistakes are not a surprise to Him.” Just a little over a year ago Soar Romania took in our first pregnant girl and I can still remember the stress, the joy, the pain, the gain, the cries and the laughter. Looking back I see how my struggle was to be perfect. How can I be perfect so that this girl can have a ‘good’ example. Slowly and surely God was teaching me in the midst of my struggle to be perfect. These girls do not need perfect, they do not need someone else showing them their mistakes, they simply need someone to love them, to accept them and to be transparent. A year later I can now say that ‘my plan’ for ‘my life’ is constantly changing because I realized God does not require perfection. He requires availability. This availability, transparency and love is what we aspire to give to the girls that enter the doors of Soar Romania’s apartment.

Actually, as I am writing these lines, I am looking back at pictures of our residents so far, and I am extremely happy that God decided to put us in their lives. Some are happy endings, some are not as happy, but each of them were there for a reason, and definitely their decisions were not a surprise to God. I pray that as we continue the work at Soar Romania, more and more people will come along with us for this extremely amazing journey. Remember, God does not expect perfection. He wants your availability, your transparency and most definitely your loving support for the least of these. Take a moment, look within yourself and be true to yourself. What is God telling you about your life story? Does it involve trusting Him completely and letting Him rule your ‘perfect life’? I know this will probably sound extreme, however I will still put it out there. Are you on the edge? Are you going back and forth about being a part of Soar Romania or a ministry like this one? Do you have questions? I challenge you to take a time of prayer, and seek God’s face. Maybe His answer will be something extreme, like pack up your life… move to Romania… and serve Him there for a season of your life… that is what He told me when I was questioning life… Or maybe His answer will be easier… reach in your wallet and give to those that are sacrificing so much for the love of God…. Those that are transparent… those that have accepted that mistakes are not surprising to God… those that have given their availability fully to God.

No Ones Perfect


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