Girls Ministry at the Orphanage


We were looking for a way to build relationships with the young ladies in the orphanage before they are in the position to have to enter our home. In the Spring of 2016, that became a reality. Our volunteer agreement has us teaching an abstinence course for 9 weeks of the year and the rest of the year, we can teach whatever we want. Since our first 9 week course we when to the orphanage every Monday to meet with the girls to teach the bible. After our first year of ministry there I still felt that something was missing…It was trust. Without trust there can be no relationship. They don’t trust us. These girls have trust issues to begin with, so why would they trust a group of ladies that just come every Monday and talk at them. It was time to bring them into our crazy world. We started that summer by bringing them to the Soar Home monthly for a meal and a time of testimony. They enjoy being around our moms and babies, and they asked questions for the first time.We decided to make this a weekly home group instead of going to their turf where there are hundreds of distractons.  I personally wanted them to know that although it is hard for me to come to them more than one day a week when we have a full house, they could alway come to me.  🙂   


I worked with the teen girls the generation before at this same orphanage and they would never share feelings in front of the others for fear of being ridiculed, so even if they trusted me they wouldn’t talk in the group. Not so with these ladies, they are asking questions, making statements and three of then have shared bits and pieces of their past and how they became orphans. “You can’t trust something or someone you don’t know.” We shared with the girls this statement and that we want them to know God so that they can build a trust relationship with Him (and us) and we are seeing the fruit of that. 

Last Month, we loaded up the car with 5 of the girls on a 6 hour road trip to attend the Billy Graham Association Crusade.

Posted by Sue Volpe on Sunday, October 22, 2017



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