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In Faith – Soar Romania

by Sue Volpe

Alina and Maria Victoria

It is awesome how God has brought this ministry into fruition.   There are now 8 people in our 3 bedroom apartment…4 adults and 4 children, a 3 year old, a 1 year old, a 9 month old and a 3 week old.    God has called us to care for orphaned, young ladies in the state-system who are forced out of the orphanage because of an unplanned pregnancy. Even Alina, though living in the university dorms, was still a ward of the state and was forced out of the dorms for such a situation.
Alina has been with us since August and gave birth to Maria Victoria “Tori” on October 16.  Tori is a beautiful, health baby, and although she is having an aversion to her mommy’s milk, she continues to grow since we have switched to formula and she has been sleeping 5 hours straight a night.

Alina is getting stronger everyday and is in good spirits.  She has returned to school; we are blessed that she is doing all she can to finish her last year of school.  Please pray that her spiritual eyes would be opened and the veil of religiosity would be lifted.   Alina did marry Tori’s father, yet for circumstances not acceptable to mention, he is unable to take his role as daddy.  This is also causing difficulties for her to receive the government financial assistance righted to every new mother in Romania.

Felicia and Sofia

We have also taken in Felicia and Sofia (our 9 month old).  We met Felicia when she lived at the Agape Foundation for adult orphans, where I served for the first year I was back in Romania.  Sadly, we really don’t know the whole story of what happened when Felicia left Agape. What we do know is that she got pregnant outside Romanian with a Muslim man. For some reason, she chose to come back to Romanian to have the baby.  However, returned to the man in Germany 6 months later.  When she came to us, she said that he wanted to take them back to Pakistan, but because he was abusive she left and came back to Romania.  Regardless of the story, we felt strongly that she needed to know the unconditioned love and grace of Jesus Christ…the God of second and third chances.  So, although Felicia and Sofia are slightly outside of the scope of our mission, God wanted us to help her get on her feet.  She is very diligent to do what is required and is very determined to provide for her child. Within the first 3 days with us she got a job at a clothing factory.  Unfortunately, she has a victim mentality that has left her in bondage to negativity and stress.  She believes God loves her, however, is not at the place of surrendering her will and allowing God to begin the much needed healing in her heart.  Please pray that we can guide her in the right direction and that God will soften her heart to trust Him more and more each day.  We have committed to provide for all her needs for the next 3 months so she can save every penny she receives from work to be able to move out on her own.  I trust that this was God’s will for Felicia’s situation and that He will provide the finances needed to do this.

Sofia is a sweet, sweet little girl, with one of the best smiles in the world.   I never would have thought I would be so privileged to help care for these little girls everyday.  Trying to run a smooth house, caring for the babies and providing everybody’s basic needs has become my primary role for the ministry.  Honestly, I haven’t mastered it yet. However, with patience, God’s grace and your prayers I am well on my way.  I don’t get as much of an opportunity for equipping and discipleship, which is my heart; yet, I am so grateful for my colleague Miha for fitting into that role so superbly. I am also grateful for Geta, who is a great example of a single mom doing her all to raise Godly respectful children.

There is one other girl who wishes to come into our project who is due in February, but at this time we just don’t have the resources (space and money.)   Someone in our church here has offered us a two-bedroom apartment for only 100 euro (a great deal), which would increase our effectiveness, however at this time I do not have peace about such a commitment without an additional $400 per month that will cover the rent and utilities.  Now with two young ladies we are down to only 30 percent of our total operating cost. Yet, God always seems to provide just enough with one-time gifts. I’m grateful for the one-time gifts, but this is a difficult and stressful way to live.  Please take a moment to look at our current operating budget and pray about how you can help.


Operating Expenses:  $900

$250 Sponsorship for each girl:  $500

Missionary Support – Sue Volpe: $600

Current monthly income:  $596

Deficit:  $1404

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In Faith


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