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Family Updates – Soar Romania

If you did not get a chance to watch the update video from May 2018, what you read below may be missing some context.

Both Larisa, my current resident, and Iby are still working at McDonald’s.  Larisa has been moved up to working at the register which is big, as her ethnicity is Roma (gypsy), a discriminated people group here.  Both ladies have been praised for how diligent they are on the grave-yard shift which after 2am is primarily cleaning and they do a great job.

Little Man turn 1 in June

Larisa, who has been with us since March, has decided that she would rather be “on her own” and is searching for an apartment.  After a meeting with our pastoral oversight and her mentor, she has made it clear that she doesn’t want to be a parent. The pastor told her that we would be happy to facilitate a permanent placement for her delightful son but she would need to stay until the boy’s birth certificate issues are resolved and she has full custody.  She has no desire to do this and is in complete rebellion against the standards of the program.  The other moms have been gossiping to me about what she is up, to which I try to shut down immediately; however, what I’m hearing scares me.  Please pray for a miracle so this precious boy doesn’t end up in the state orphanage.  Her beautiful boy is walking now and catching on to the sign language so he gets what he wants without screaming for it.  His first words in english were “all done.” 

Blessed to have Alissa to co-parenting.

***Upon preparing this newsletter, there was an incident that caused Larisa to leave the project immediately.  She has left little man in our care until the birth certificate is solidified. Please pray that she follows through with this or we will have to hand him over to child protection in September.

Iby is finally in an apartment that is affordable and the landlord is very gracious. It’s a bit far but is right off the tram line.  She is still having difficulties as her ID card is expired.  ID cards are issued only with a permanent address, which like most orphans, she doesn’t have.  So they will only issue her a new one for a year at a time with the consent of the orphanage.  When we called child protection in May to see what she had to do, something was either miscommunicated or not understand by Iby.  But never-the-less, this week she found out she needed another paper from child protection to proceed.   This effects a lot of other things that need to happen for their little family.  For example she can’t get a different job that has the same hours as daycare nor can she register her daughter for daycare.  Amelya is too smart for her own good…she is so curious which causes a lot of destruction (Today she destroyed an umbrella while I was putting little man to bed…I don’t know how a 21 month-old can do something like that.) She has the best facial expressions and I think she knows it.

Paddle boating on the lake with our first graduating mom and her daughter.

Alina and Tori are doing great.  As Tori is on summer break, she and her mom are here almost every evening for dinner.  It’s nice to see them every day.  We had a guest preacher at church last month that both her and Larisa enjoyed and they are now following his YouTube channel. Please pray for her salvation.  She doesn’t have the best job but she is making the best of it and not complaining.  Tori loves praising Jesus, enjoying gymnastics and zealous for the water.  We just come back from a three day getaway at a man-made beach a couple of hours away (hope you follow us on Instagram to see all the pics & clips). 

Family Updates


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