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Clubul Fetelor – Soar Romania
We made cupcakes for our first fellowship time.

As you may know, since my arrival to Oradea, I have been working closely with an established independent living center for orphaned young ladies. This has been an amazing learning experience.  Up until now, there wasn’t much room for other endeavors, as I prepared for the work of Soar Romania.   In my work with them I was blessed to be a part of the reunion of a girl that was adopted at age 3 by Americans (See “Yasmina’s Reunion” for the full story).   As we were trying to give her the full understanding of what her life would have been like if she hadn’t been adopted, I thought it would be good to show her the orphanage here in Oradea.  So, on a Sunday afternoon, we headed over.

Little did I know that it was more for the Ministry of Soar Romania than Yasmina.  As my senior Pastor would say…it was a God-cidence.   You see, for no apparent reason the director stopped by and the second sentence out of his mouth was: “are you ready to start volunteering?”   In my head the answer was no, but as he continued he shared that the ministry to the girls 14 and up was almost non-existent and their circle of influence was primarily negative.  I left thinking, “I don’t have the time, don’t think so” but the Lord…can I say it again…BUT THE LORD said to my heart, “What if I said that about you, where would you be right now my beloved?  It’s time for you to re-evaluate your priorities. There is a need I want you to meet.  This is the whole purpose of Soar Romania…Hope and Wholeness.”  You bet I made time!!!!   The other cool thing is, I didn’t even have to beg for a translator to support me, God gave me a ministry partner.   Right now it is just relationship building and establishing a trust. So, we are going to the orphanage several nights a week just to “recline at the table with them” (Matthew 9:9-10), in hopes that a few of these young ladies will be the next discipleship group.  Please pray for this area of ministry. Click here if you wish to receive a monthly prayer and praise email.

Clubul Fetelor

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