We are officially a non-profit association (Similar to a 501-c3) here in Romania.  The word Soar doesn’t really translate well so we will be going by the name “Agape FSC.” We are now free to train our mom’s to produce homemade goods and sell them for additional income, as the maternity support from the government is barely enough to pay for diapers. We are also able to hire foster parents to house expecting moms that are minors. We can also accept donations from nationals. As such, we’re on the lookout for a new ministry assistant that we can now pay directly from our ministry instead of being employed by our church.

The BETTER News!

We are so thankful for the opportunity to continue building trust in our relationships with the young girls at CP2. We praise the Lord for the consistency we’ve seen in many of the 10 -14 year old girls. For the older girls, however, we’ve seen how distracted they become with school or boyfriends or the general busyness of their lives. As a result, they lack consistency in coming to our weekly meetings. We are praying that they would prioritize these weekly meetings and desire to be a consistent examples for the young girls who also want to “be cool” like them.

There’re several young girls who have been consistently coming since the new year that didn’t come previously and we’re hoping that God will move in their lives. One of them, Izabela, has asked if I would help tutor her in English and I am excited for the unique opportunity to get to know her better and invest in her life!


We have a new mom with us.  She is 20 years old and arrived with her 8 month old son on March 1.  She was living on the streets in Belgium with her abusive boyfriend that had her involved in a shop-lifting ring.  She seams to really want to change her life, work and provide a stable home for her child.  She has been very appreciative, helpful and willing to learn.  The baby’s father doesn’t have a valid ID card so the baby was not legally registered in Belgium and now we are having problems getting the baby legally registered in his own country because the fathers name is on the Belgium temporary certificate.



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