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2015 Highlights & Finances – Soar Romania

Along with all the baby milestones such as: first: crawl, walk, words, birthday and so on (which you can see on Facebook and Instagram), We feel that our moms’ successes are just as praiseworthy. So here it goes…

Sue, Alina & Meg


Alina graduated from college in May. She also completed a European Union Child Care Worker certification course in the fall. She is still living with us and seeking opportunities to volunteer in this field to get some experience on her resume. The best news of all is that she has made a decision for Christ!

Pitching tent
Beca & Abi playing in the new place.


Geta and her girls are happily adjusting to life in their new apartment. Geta is tackling new responsibilities at work with diligence and it came with an increase in salary. Hallelujah! She is a faithful member of her church, which is a great support. Geta’s oldest is taking ballet and her youngest is following big sis around the house trying to mimic her every move.


Mall Kids' Training
Felicia & Sofia



Felicia (who left us back in March) came for a weekend visit just a couple of weeks ago. She has a stable job in a shoe factory. Her daughter is almost 2; she’s a bit shy, but communicating very well for her age. We hope to see more of them.

Christmas Eve
Valentine and Aliya


Our newest resident: Valentina. She came to us in November. She and her 3 month old are settling in well. She has many obstacles to overcome as she is not a Romanian citizen, but she is working hard to balance all the paperwork and preparing to go back to complete her senior year of High School. I hope to share her story in the spring newsletter.


And Finally, Sue’s trip to the US was challenging and a real test of faith, but of course God showed up big time. We raised $9,999 in one-time gifts and have $180 in new monthly commitments. This is 62% of our needs for the year of 2016. This does not set us up to grow into a bigger place, but we are trusting that when the need arises, God will provide.

Soar Romania Statement of Activity for 2015


      Missions – Soar $ 22,980.61
            Monthly Committed Gifts $ 2,740.00
            One-time Gifts $ 13,683.36
            Forever Fund $ 1,500.00
            Residents rent $ 705.29
            Room & Board – Sue Volpe $ 2,000.00
            Donations by Sue Volpe $ 2,351.96
Total Revenue $ 22,980.61
   Cash on Hand in Country $ 1,050.00
      Admin Expenses $ 4,251.73
            US Travel & Expenses $ 2,193.60
            Computer & Office Equipment $ 1,345.14
            Promotions, Postage and Printing $ 712.99
      Babies/Children Support $ 352.96
      Bank Fees & Charges $ 298.41
      Household Needs $ 853.02
            Furnitures, Fixtures & Appliances $ 434.80
            Houseware $ 418.22
      Living Expenses $ 4,245.92
            Food & Household supplies $ 3,622.70
            Local Transportation & Gas $ 333.83
            Other – Car Registations, Insurance & Repairs $ 289.39
      Medical Expenses $ 34.63
      Mom Care $ 443.19
      Operational Expenses (Rent & Utilities) $ 5,639.97
            Rent $ 2,935.37
            Utilities $ 1,986.62
            Advance Rent payment (Jan, Feb, Mar 2016) $ 717.98
      Outreach $ 130.35
      PayPal Fees $ 193.23
Total Expenditures $ 17,493.41
Balance Forward $ 5,487.20
2015 Highlights & Finances


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